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Angliss Neighbourhood House is located in the William Angliss Housing Estate in Footscray and has been operating for over 20 years.

The house was established in 1991, has been incorporated and run by a Committee of Management which is elected annually.

The House provides a range of programs, classes and activities for local residents and the wider community. It involves people from the community in all aspects of these programs and in the management of the House. ANH offers Language and Literacy pre-accredited and accredited courses, assessments, curriculum and resource development, Public Internet Access and Room Hire.

The House is situated within the City of Maribyrnong and receives support and grants from the City of Maribyrnong, the Adult, Community and Further Education Board and the Department of Planning and Community Development

Construction of the new extention to Angliss Neighbourhood House has recently been completed and expansion of the existing adult community and education facility provides a greater capacity for delivering contemporary services and training programs to meet the current and future training needs of the local community.

This extension is one of the successful projects from the Investing in Community Education and Training program as part of the $500 million, Teaching and Learning Capital Fund.

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