About thinkWest

The thinkWest cluster consists of six Registered Training Organisations – Angliss Neighbourhood House, Duke Street Community House, Laverton Community Integrated Services, Wyndham Community and Education Centre, Williamstown Community Centre and Education Centre and Yarraville Community Centre.

The dedicated alliance of these six community centres ensures an innovative and engaging learning experience for adults of the west.

Each centre tailors programs to suit its local community needs and desires. All the centres within the cluster are dedicated to the pursuit of access and equity. A fundamental focus of thinkWest is ensuring affordable and flexible education pathways for people from all walks of life.

The thinkWest cluster provides a range of exciting and diverse opportunities for people experiencing barriers to traditional education and for those facing social isolation.

Together, these hubs deliver hundreds of programs and services, supporting communities to strengthen, learn and connect.

The thinkWest cluster is dedicated to community development, working with members of the community to deliver high quality services to Melbourne’s west.

About the thinkWest Collaborative

The thinkWest collaborative combines the resources of all six organisations. This portal has been funded by the Adult, Community and Further Education Board Capacity and Innovation Fund 10. It will ensure a consistent and collaborative approach to training. Maintaining a current, relevant and innovative collection of materials will be beneficial to both teachers and learners.

This website acts as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for accredited and pre-accredited teaching documents, allowing teachers and education providers to connect and share resources. Collating the knowledge base of each organisation ensures a sustainable portal. New resources can be developed and submitted for review. This creates a platform for education materials to adapt along with rapid changes in the education sector.

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